WWDC 2015 Kicks Off With Big News (That is not ripped-off from Google)

wwdcApple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) came out of the gates yesterday with some pretty hefty announcements. While I am unable to attend physically or virtually, I will be keeping tabs on the happenings throughout the Conference. Apple will be streaming events from the conference throughout the week on their website at http://www.apple.com/live/2015-june-event/.


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Asciinema | An amazing terminal recording tool for UNIX

18744There are a slew of screen recorders out on the market, most used in famous tutorials and lectures from around the world. But one really catches my eye, and is perfect for a niche market. VIM users and command-line guru’s unite, because Asciinema is the PERFECT tool for terminal recordings. Asciinema works flawlessly with vim, zsh, and any other terminal application.

Simply run the following command in your terminal to install and begin using Asciinema! (Linux and Mac OS X)

$ curl -sL https://asciinema.org/install | sh

Please forgive the shotty video (below), I’m not a perfect typist and this was my third try! I recommend you check out the video by Asciinema at https://asciinema.org. I can see this becoming an amazing tool for tutorials, or even documenting the development of your projects!

Let’s talk about asciinema on reddit! Check /r/simplynerdythings! Or tweet me your awesome “asciicasts” @josephwhays!

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Our Top Three Most Wanted Features in Fallout 4

Yesterday, Bethesda and Obsidian dropped the bomb on the gaming world. The internet immediately exploded as the first trailer for the (possibly) final instalment of my favourite franchise, Fallout 4. I may be a day late, but I had to compile my ultimate Top Three list for what I want what I need from this game. Personally, I’m just radiating with excitement. I couldn’t lock my feelings of the Boston Wasteland up in a vault if I wanted to.


Without further ado, the Top Three Most needed features for Fallout 4

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