Our Top Three Most Wanted Features in Fallout 4

Yesterday, Bethesda and Obsidian dropped the bomb on the gaming world. The internet immediately exploded as the first trailer for the (possibly) final instalment of my favourite franchise, Fallout 4. I may be a day late, but I had to compile my ultimate Top Three list for what I want what I need from this game. Personally, I’m just radiating with excitement. I couldn’t lock my feelings of the Boston Wasteland up in a vault if I wanted to.


Without further ado, the Top Three Most needed features for Fallout 4

3. Simply put… Flying. Or vehicular action.

There was WAY too much teasing in regards to roaming the wasteland skies in this trailer. If Bethesda gave us horses and dragons in Skyrim, they can give us motorcycles and Vertibirds in Fallout. I’d even settle for mountable/tameable Brahmin. There isn’t much else to show here. I want to fly! If these things can be modded into Fallout: New Vegas, I’m certain they can be released in F/O 4. ESPECIALLY with next gen consoles!


I freakin’ dare you to try and “tame” this thing.

2. Winter is coming…

Okay, I feel bad using that tagline, because I’ve never exactly *slinks away in shame* seen Game of Thrones. Been meaning to. But my point stands; if Skyrim could feature dynamic weather that proved to be one of the most subtle, but immersive gameplay mechanics, so can Fallout… And not simply random rain either. Perhaps a setting could make rain acidic, or “snow” lower your stamina. (Snow could be passed off as a side effect of nuclear war. A periodic nuclear winter.) I’m not a game developer, I’m a web developer, so I honestly don’t know how difficult a dynamic weather engine is. (Apparently difficult enough that it was scrapped for Bioshock: Infinite. Along with 500 other mechanics that were supposed to make it in.) However, while weather in video games is a great touch, you need to do it right. Rain needs to be visible but not in the way, should be heard, but not deafening… *coughminecraftcough*


“You dangerous, mute lunatic.”

3. The obvious.

I’d happily put away the fancy flying and chilling rain drops for one thing. I don’t even care about graphics, or hell, game time. The only thing I want most out of Fallout 4, if just to finally know… is the Voice. I want to be able to put a sound to my Fallout 3 and New Vegas characters. Okay, game play is a little bit important, but the only game that’s ever pulled off a silent protagonist is the Portal Series. And brain damage is NOT a good enough excuse for these games! And NO WAY can Bethesda have such a teasing line as… “That’s a good boy.” AND- Okay, calm down Joseph. Look all I’m saying is, if Bethesda tells thousands of fans, “Oh yeah, the vault dweller speaks now.” and doesn’t pay up, we will be there, and we will be armed! -_- (I mean, probably not actually there, just in you e-mail boxes. Also by armed, I mean with nasty words. Words that will make Bethesda cry.)

It truly is up to Bethesda now, they hold all the cards, and they’re all full houses. Never actually played cards, Been meaning to learn. Okay, I swear I’m done with Portal.

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