Minetest: A Minecraft Clone That I’ll Definitely Be Playing

No beating around the bush here: Minetest is a game that was “inspired” by Minecraft. I won’t be talking about how to survive your first night, or what the first thing you should craft is, because Minetest is such a pixel for pixel clone that it plays almost exactly as our favourite, one-block-at-a-time voxel-based indie game. And I love it.

Why do I have a soft spot in my heart for stolen intellectual property? Because Minetest upholds the very foundations of Steve’s early months — new ways to do new things and and an ever-welcoming gaming and developing community! Open-source down to the last line of code, the Minetest core is written in C++, running on OpenGL, with game components (beds, minerals, rendering engines, items, the idea of crafting) written as LUA libraries, all hosted on Github for your reading, contributing or developing pleasure! This of course means Minetest has native mod and community-texture support.

A sandy beach with grass and trees in the distanceI can’t say Minetest ever will be as big as the leading brand name, but with a growing forum base of over 9000 members, it’s definitely got an “in” with the popular kids!
So while I look down on any and all “Blank”craft MC clones and copy-pastes, I’m looking at you “SurvivalCraft”, I give high recommendations to all aspiring developers or penny-saving gamers to try the always FREE Minetest(Stable) on Windows or Mac OS X right now!

Minetest: www.minetest.net

Minetest Forums: forum.minetest.net

Get Minetest Right Now: www.minetest.net/downloads/ (Right NOW, dammit!)

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