My biggest weakness as a programmer: git. I hate git.

Git is an AMAZING tool, I’m not going to preach otherwise. But I hate it. And my biggest problem? Remembering how and when to use it. Git flows and branches are like an almost unsolvable maze for me, and I always forget to push commits. When it’s time to setup a new feature, trying to write $ git branch or $ git flow commands gets my blood boiling. But it’s something I work on all the time! For example, I regularly revisit old course material from our introduction to Git at Lighthouse Labs and run through the Codecademy Git courses. I suppose it’s just a matter of practice. And keeping in mind my second Git-related issue, remembering when to push and when to commit. It’s not so much a confusion this one, as I tend to get ahead of myself when working on a project, and will dive into new problems after solving the previous one. The biggest issue with that is the incomprehensive commit messages and the hard to follow update notes.

The solution? I use a small notebook and write down each problem I’m going to tackle. And between each item in my checklist, I write “commit?” and every so often I write “git push?”. Does it help? Yes, and when I do miss my mark, it’s on me and I make a note of it. I will master Git!

[Meddle CMS Dev Log] Finally, success! Sort of…

Last Commit: To be updated, I haven’t had a chance to push yet!

After two excruciating weeks of trial and error, reading and re-reading through my code and pulling out my hair, I finally figured out the problem. Well, actually I didn’t figure it out, I asked for the help of an amazing coder and my mentor, Andrew Kalek. He showed me something that blew my mind and made me hate myself for not seeing it sooner. It was a simple /. Yup, that’s the big piece that was missing. Let’s recap, shall we?

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[Meddle CMS Dev Log] Routing errors impeding progress…

Commit: None

I haven’t pushed a commit as of yet because it seems I’m having issues with the current feature I’m working on. That feature is to Show pages with a "http://root/slug" formatted URL. Why is this proving difficult? Routing.

Routing errors may be a misnomer, but it so far seems to be the issue with my application. In our routes.rb file, I have Cms::Pages scoped under admin. My goal is to have every CRUD action with the exception of Read to be read in our path as /admin/cms/pages/page-slug, but it seems to cause an issue when using another controller to call on a Cms::Page record. Because Reading pages shouldn’t be an admin related task, I’ve created another controller to Show the pages, a controller that isn’t namespaced at all. And yet, ActiveRecord insists I’m experiencing a RECORD NOT FOUND error. In our Pages controller I have:

def show
@page = ::Cms::Page(params[:id])

The ::Cms reportedly instructs rails to search for a record from top-level. Any suggestions?

I have no solution as of yet, but will update soon when I have better information.

[Meddle CMS Dev Log] First two commits: setup, setup and setup!

Welcome to Meddle Dev Log! As I work on my new project meddle, I’ll be documenting my work here, for other junior developers like myself to follow along. However, I am no position to write a tutorial, there will be blood, sweat and tears, and by NO MEANS should anyone consider this project a step-by-step to making a rails app. However, I encourage anyone interested to work with me, either by reading along while making your own app, or making improvements and submitting pull requests to our github repo.¬†Or you can follow along and watch me break down when I can’t find the error on line 45 of app/controllers/pages_controller.rb, DAMMIT!

Well, that’s the gist of it, pun intended. So let’s get started!

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code | I wrote a tiny webapp for

Heyo! The other day I found a little known “stackup” option on’s website. Essentially, you can take any two (or three) apps in StackShare’s library and compare them side by side. The stackup option had no intuitive way to navigate or “stackup” apps, so I made a tiny app! If you can make better (I know you can, I wrote this in ten minutes,) let me know @josephwhays on Twitter or on Reddit at /r/simplynerdythings. Hey, you can even hit me up on Google+ and Facebook!

You can check it out live at

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